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Welcome to the Westfield Education Association!

Our site is undergoing a bit of an update over the coming week to hopefully streamline information and simplify some of these pages. If you cannot find what you are looking for by visiting the tabs up above, please check in with your building rep and they can let me know.

Recent Changes (April 3, 2022):

Contract Info Tab is now the second tab up top, making it easier to find.

Archives and Minutes now house old posts and will eventually include all monthly minutes.

Discounts and Services has been removed. If you have or know of someone who offers either of these to teahers and would like their info listed, please submit it to your building reps and I can add it back again.

The last tab is currently empty but will be filled in a later update, stay tuned!

Dues Deductions for 2021 Tax Year

Unit A or B $765 for the year.

Unit D is $317.50 if you make over $18,000 a year and 269.50 if you make under $18,000.


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