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Unit A Contracts


Old Contracts

Unit A Contract 2007-2010

Unit A Contract 2014-2016

Unit A Salaries 2014-2016


New Contract and MOAs: All Based upon the 14-16 Contract

Unit A Contract 2016-2019

STAT Team Member Stipend MOA

Aviation Lead Teacher Position MOA

Near-Future Retirement MOA

Unit A Salary Schedules

Any portion of the 16-19 contract which contains the phrase "pending language" will have an MOA posted as soon as the committee appointed to clarify the language meets and finalizes that portion of the contract.


Unit B Contracts


Unit B Old Contract 2007-2010

Unit B New Contract 2014-2016


Unit D Contracts

Old Contracts

Unit D Contract 2007-2010

Unit D Contract 2014-2016


New Contract: Based on the 14-16 Contract

Unit D New Contract 2016-2019


Sick Leave Bank Language


Grievance Procedure


Dues Deductions

Unit A or B $746 for the year.

Unit D is $310.50 if you make over $18,000 a year and 262.50 if you make under $18,000.