Professional Development Guide

Here are the various forms that you will need to fill out in order to be reimbursed for professional development expenses. If you are looking to only be reimbursed for the cost of a graduate level class you must fill out forms 2 and 4. If you are looking for full reimbursement for a PD course you must fill out forms 2 through 5. For an overview of the process, please look at the Westfield Public Schools' PD Plan. You may also want to read through the PD Application and Course Reimbursement Criteria.


1. Unit A-B PD Application Calendar

2. Unit A-B PD Reimbursement

3. Unit A-B PD Application

4. Expense Voucher

5. Goldenrod

6. In-State Mileage Chart


If there is anything that you need that is not on this page, please visit the district page.